A doomed signing- Neymar


More reports linking Neymar to Barcelona. These are the reasons why this is a mistake:

Barcelona does not need another forward. With Messi a constant fixture up top, and the likes of Sanchez, Pedro, Cuenca competing for one spot, and midfielders like Fabregas, Iniesta and Adriano able to fill the other, there is just no more room for another star up top. That list does not even include Villa, who might not ever be a major fixture in the squad again. Also, look at the last game against Santos, Barcelona didnt even start a winger or a striker. Their mob of midfielders did the job

Neymar is a typical Brazillian 11.  While these good qualities include amazing skills on the ball and the propensity for stunning individual effort, Barcelona is a team. They do not need a flashy player like Neymar. The first thing Guardiola did when he got to Barca was to unload Ronaldinho, a more extraordinary version of Neymar. His inability to fit into the Barca system of methodical possession and midfield fluidity would make his stay unproductive and needlessly expensive.

Real Madrid, the other team competing for Neymar, would be weakened by his addition.  Imagine Ronaldo’s psyche if another star joined that team, and then started to outperform him. Neymar wants to be the number one player, and that does not sit well with Ronaldo’s world class selfishness. Plus Barcelona proved that they have no problem shutting him down and squeezing him out of the game, much like they do to Ronaldo every time. Both players who need alot of the ball and alot of touches to get going, and Barcelona’s suffocating possession game is their kryptonite. Add those two up top for Real Madrid and you can guarantee Barca breezes to victory.





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