Messi hat trick vs. Malaga as Barca wins (4-1)

“Messi is the footballing northern star, the one that is constantly burning the brightest”

A hat trick puts Messi on top of the La Liga score sheet, and continues to solidify his position as the world’s greatest. He did everything this game, providing mesmerizing passes, world class finishes, a free kick that rattled off the upper corner, and displaying the all around resiliency that defines him.

In the wake of another ugly clasico and more controversy last week, Messi again proves that he is the incorruptible football genius that is so deserving of the praise he receives.

It is hard to even pick out which of his genius goals was best, as all three were made of the skill and deftness that are afforded to only the top pantheon of football players. Even the free kick, which didn’t score, was as close and as impressive as a miss could be, curling way out beyond the wall only to slice back inward and rattle off the post.

Personally I’d have to go with his third goal, as he hurdles several tackles and shows his unique burst of speed and calm, off balanced finishes that have seen him strike the net so many times. It has been a while since he has had one of his trademark slice and dice runs through a defense, and two of them made today a memorable game.


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