Barcelona Vs. BATE Borisov (4-0)

The future looks bright for Barcelona as a squad of almost all Barca B players continue the fantastic form at the Camp Nou with a 4-0 defeat of BATE. With the veteran leadership of Maxwell, Pedro and Pinto, the youngsters were only one goal away from the first teams tally against BATE in the first leg. Good build up play, excellent finishes, and Barcelona’s characteristic passing attack were all here has these young players fit right into the mold. Cuenca again was causing havoc from the wing and Pedro was able to get a brace in his attempt to get back to full form.

Highlights :

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Barcelona Vs. BATE Borisov December 6, 2011


Barcelona vs. Rayo (4-0)

Barcelona’s attack finally hit on all cylinders as they crushed Rayo and extended their home record to 34 goals for, 0 against. Astonishing.

Sanchez and Villa answered the call- stepping up and delivering a scintillating first half performance totally 3 goals. They looked hungry as they made streaking runs through the Rayo defense, slicing their way into the box and creating chaos. Their positioning without the ball was as wide as a whales vagina and this created room for iniesta to wreak havoc, as well as Dani alves’ penetrating runs. Both of these were missing in the recent lackluster form, but were showcased here as they accounted for 3 assists in the space that the forwards opened up.

Tactics were brilliant this game, and except for Valdez almost slam dunking a wayward cross into his own net, Rayo had a few half chances at best.

And pique, please never dive in the box again. you embarrass everyone . That is all.


sidenote : did we just get through a game analysis without mentioning messi? He was a mere bystander today (and by his divine standards that means that he still got 1 goal and 1 assist) but for once the genesis of all of Barcas creativity did not have to come through the Messiah, and as he marauded around pulling droves of defenders in his wake, FINALLY someone was able to capitalize on some goals.