Barcelona v Osasuna (2-1) Analysis and Highlights

As expected, Barcelona won against Osasuna to secure a spot in the next round, where they face Real Madrid. I was only able to watch the first half, in which Barca struggled to find a rhythm with all of their B team players. While this might be expected, I was surprised at Cuenca’s lack of an impact especially since he has had so much first team exposure. Pedro and Alexis were also completely dissociated up top, which is something Barca needs to work on. They have barely seen any time together on the pitch this season thru various injuries but will need to get that sorted out very soon as they will both be counted on for many important goals as the seasons closes.

Fontas’ injury was very disappointing as he seemed be progressing closer and closer to gaining a spot in the defensive rotation. I guess well have to wait till next year to see if he can be the reliable substitute for Pique and Puyol.

Highlights of the game below

Enjoy, and Visca Barca!


FC Barcelona vs Osasuna (4-0) HIGHLIGHTS

All of the goals were excellent. Cesc continues to be deadly in front of the net and his second goal was one of the best goals of the season. He sent a beautiful chip into the top corner that would make even Zidane jealous.

Puyol actually spent a considerable amount of time in the opponents box and was so entertaining to watch as he blundered around trying to find the net.

Messi was cheered like crazy when he entered the game, and quickly had two chances that he missed- yet they were still more beautiful than any goal most players ever score in their career. He put on a spectacle from the moment he entered the game and even though Cesc played amazing Messi reminded everyone who was the king.

Plus, a goal from a rare Messi header was an amazing way to start the year. Vamos Barca!!!