Barcelona Vs Osasuna – Jan 12 4pm EST

Osasuna FC Barcelona

Osasuna – FC Barcelona

Reyno de Navarra 01-12-2012 22:00 or 4pm EST

Tune in for the second leg of Barcelona’s Copa del Rey match tomorrow. With a comfortable lead, and Iniesta and Alves out, Barca will likely try to come out strong and put the game away early in order to pull some starters and coast to victory.

This sets up another set of Clasicos next round as Barcelona will face Real Madrid in a battle for the only trophy they did not win last year. VAMOS BARCA!!!


MESSI wins third FIFA Ballon d’OR – World Player award

Messi puts his name up with the greatest of all time as he becomes only the second player ever to win three World player awards in a row

That covers the soccer. Lets talk about his purple pimp suit for a second. Apparently his new found haircut and fashion sense have Shakira all hot on his trail. Maybe him and Pique will be tunnel buddies soon?

And a definite step up fashion-wise from his previous appearances at the ceremony

FC Barcelona vs Espanyol

Lionel Messi will be looking for his first ever away goal at Espanyol as Barca takes on that “other” team from Barcelona. Espanyol is a very difficult team to beat at home, but Barcelona should have everyone available for the game except Villa. Regardless this will be one of the most difficult games for Barca until they meet Real Madrid again, and if they let Espanyol hang around the game could get very complicated. Look for Messi and Fabregas to try to combine in the first 25 minutes to put the game at ease.

Espanyol vs FC Barcelona  (1-28-2012 at 330 EST)

Another look at Cesc Fabregas (repost)

While only a fool would try to predict Guardiola’s line up (essentially a revolving door this year), I have a feeling that Fabregas will be pushed into a forward role for tomorrow’s final. If he is, expect him to try to continue his fantastic streak of exceptional goals. Last week he added another header to his impressive tally in El Clasico.

I would love to see him and Messi combine for another chip over the top/side net volley.

Check out his other goals below:

At 5’9, Cesc is only average, but he has developed a knack for amazing goals scored with his head this year. A quick look at his trio of strikes shows incredible direction, power, and a touch of magic.

A textbook header that probably left a cannonball sized divot in the ground. The run, his form, literally perfect. Golazo.

This one was even better than the first. Note how far out he is in the box and how many times you have seen a player just send an easy floater on frame. Not Cesc. His contact with the ball in flawless and he drives it into the upper angle.

Once again Cesc’s impeccable run finds him on the end of a well played ball, and his subtle precision slots the ball into the net. The goalie is left with his pants down as Fabregas own’s him and the entire Barca attack in the air.

Barcelona Vs. BATE Borisov (4-0)

The future looks bright for Barcelona as a squad of almost all Barca B players continue the fantastic form at the Camp Nou with a 4-0 defeat of BATE. With the veteran leadership of Maxwell, Pedro and Pinto, the youngsters were only one goal away from the first teams tally against BATE in the first leg. Good build up play, excellent finishes, and Barcelona’s characteristic passing attack were all here has these young players fit right into the mold. Cuenca again was causing havoc from the wing and Pedro was able to get a brace in his attempt to get back to full form.

Highlights :

Comment if you watched the game and let me know what you think!!

Barcelona Vs. BATE Borisov December 6, 2011

Tactics under Guardiola- SIMPLIFIED

3-4-3 vs 4-3-3 vs 4-2-2-2- WTF?! Confused by all these crazy starting line ups Guardiola uses? Ever wonder what a ‘9’ is? Let alone a false ‘9’? Stay tuned for a series of posts explaining as quickly and easily as possible what all this nonsense means, and why Barcelona under Guardiola has completely revolutionized the modern game. And I’m not talking about from back when the dudes wore girl shorts, I’m talking about in the last 5 years.

Check out this quote by Mourinho, the “special one”, in 2006 at Chelsea.

You can have players who don’t run. In our team at Chelsea we have three attacking players but I don’t want them chasing full-backs and making themselves tired…” In essence he was content to wait until the ball was brought into his half and the defense could break it down.

Now if you’ve EVER watched Barca, chances are you know this sight well

That’s right. Its Pedro ninja kicking a defender to get the ball back. In all seriously, Pedro, Villa, Sanchez, whoever is playing up top have a relentless work rate when they lose the ball. Barcelona’s defense starts with the forwards, and as Pep put it, its easier to go 20 meters go goal than 50m if you wait till the ball is in your own half to win it back.

The ultimate proof: Real Madrid now under Mourinho has adopted the full field press, and it has been arguably more aggressive than Barcelona’s. Clearly, losing to this Barca side over and over again over the last few years has caused Mourinho to rethink his justification of players who ‘dont run.’