Another look at Cesc Fabregas (repost)

While only a fool would try to predict Guardiola’s line up (essentially a revolving door this year), I have a feeling that Fabregas will be pushed into a forward role for tomorrow’s final. If he is, expect him to try to continue his fantastic streak of exceptional goals. Last week he added another header to his impressive tally in El Clasico.

I would love to see him and Messi combine for another chip over the top/side net volley.

Check out his other goals below:

At 5’9, Cesc is only average, but he has developed a knack for amazing goals scored with his head this year. A quick look at his trio of strikes shows incredible direction, power, and a touch of magic.

A textbook header that probably left a cannonball sized divot in the ground. The run, his form, literally perfect. Golazo.

This one was even better than the first. Note how far out he is in the box and how many times you have seen a player just send an easy floater on frame. Not Cesc. His contact with the ball in flawless and he drives it into the upper angle.

Once again Cesc’s impeccable run finds him on the end of a well played ball, and his subtle precision slots the ball into the net. The goalie is left with his pants down as Fabregas own’s him and the entire Barca attack in the air.